The 13 Advices !

  1. Give love unconditionally.
  2. If you want your enemy harmless forgive him.
  3. The Present is eternal. Enjoy every each moment infinitely.
  4. Give only promises of that you have kept.
  5. Have time for dreaming.
  6. First, love yourself and then, others.
  7. Listen carefully everything that has no words. Just your heart can lead you to enormous prosperities.
  8. Do not stop nor let the Evil get in your way. Nobody attains victory without fighting.
  9. Judge only yourself.
  10. Cry as much as you want but laugh as much as you can.
  11.  Enjoy whatever you do.
  12.  Protect the weak and the underdog because there is a lot of injustices in this imperfect world.
  13. Every thought is creative. Do not stray from Good even in your thoughts.