Comprehension of "Ever seen"

What is this phenomen about? All of us would have experienced "Ever seen" at least once in a lifetime. We dream at nights and we usually forget them when we wake up or we remember them for a while and they slip. We have to know that the darkness utilizes all the information for its benefit. It can do this by collecting sections of your thoughts, weaknesses. The aim is to change your destiny for its own advantage. But nothing can be hidden in the spritual plan. Somethings may kept hidden from you in this world but not in the spiritual realm. Everything is clear over there. There is no secrecy is meaning to eliminate the dark side. So what needs to be experienced would happen with no darkness and obstacle.


When you experience "Ever seen" it means you complete a phase of your life. Our souls have journeys every each night and we can see our future. But it’s been forgotten by force. By the way to see someone we know in our dream doesn’t indicate that she is her. Sometimes the dark side disguises to mislead you.


No one must disrupt the dead’s sleep. It’s very dangerous in spiritual realm. When you evoke a dead it doesn’t mean that this person would come. The comer would be having all the similarities with the inviteted one. The dark side, the negative world is the realm of delusion. And it is so easy for them to be seen like someone else. Sometimes I do give information from dead people during my sessions. There is no need for any ritual to do that. I contact with dead people through my soul.


Know that, there is no ritual or disguise for the good. If you meet someone who can be both good and bad, just run away from him/her. Because whoever serves for the good doesn’t work for the dark. It’s meaningless. Everybody should stand in its own place.