Presentation of Paul de Combourg

Presentation of Paul de Combourg

It’s both difficult and surprising to talk about Paul de Combourg.  We can say he makes our wishes come true. If we ask him he would tell, “The people I’ve healed is my happiness”. You shouldn’t look for anything rational. He can heal pathologies and basic but lingering back pains and depressions as well where conventional medicine comes short of healing. The chance of starting from the beginning is given to you. Sometimes it is hard to understand him even he uses basic terms like “I took the negativity from you”. Sometimes in his sessions he reminds you the most important thing in life which is love. Even if you can not change the world you can change your surrounding by illuminating it with your power. Paul de Combourg lives in his own world, and he shares it with us.

Whatever problem you have got he can define it, and sort it out. Finding out their sources from past and projecting them to the future by solving instant problems is a magnifical energy. But he is a humble person. Because he serves for the good. Whoever he reaches is very important for him. Every counselee is a substantial source for him. Because every encounter is a communion. You may think him as an explorer on his way. Today except his home Brittany, France he works in Turkey and Haiti.

The only wish he has is to travel the world and heal it. He is after victory against darkness and he is very determined on that. He goes to Haiti to save people from woodoo. He also visits houses and places in order to cleanse them from darkness. If he stumbles upon an animal who suffers he is ready to heal it with the same attention he gives to humanbeings. Just a single photo would be enough for him. But sometimes he doesn’t hesitate to go 4 hours long way to save someone.

He healed patients with no hope in conventional medicine but having excruciating pain in legs and not able to walk. He also managed to cleanse entities with lots of cryings. He helped them for liberation.

With his saying, “Without faith there is no healing” Paul is a faithful person. It’s significant to believe in healing if you visit him. Know that every session he takes your pain on. That’s why he often says, “That’s a sacrifice”. He keeps on amazing us. God may let him to be with us for many years.

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