Miraculous Healings !

Laura, 5 years old, Meningitis Cancer healed in one session !

A letter from her mother:

“In 2013 we were very miserable. Our 3 years old daughter was diagnosed with rarely seen, malignant brain tumour. Having our Laura in pain and suffering we had many heavy treatments lasted weeks. She was unable to walk and see. In order to decrease the pressure tumour has caused doctors intervene many times. Chemotherapy took 2 years. She lost weight and hair. She were feeding by gastric tube and vommiting every day. We were batting around hospitals and doctors. Having MRI scans and never ending waiting hours in hospital hallways… Her immune system was about to have immuneodeficieny.

I live in Belgium. When I was visiting my mother in France I met Paul de Combourg by coincedence. I’m a rational and scientific person. So I was quite nervous for meeting him but I would do whatever it takes for my Laura. After a while Laura had started to show signs of recovery. I’d realised that the healing path was opened up for me and for Laura. Up until now we have stayed in contact with Paul. He is like an angel who protects my Laura. The last august we visited Paul. We were full of emotions talking without words with our eyes.

Laura grew up. She can run and goes to school. She is 6 years old now and learned reading and writing. She wouldn’t be able to climb stairs today but she rides bicycle. She has an enormous vitality and she smiles all the time. She is attentive and has full of love. Of course she is still under medical control. We have a sun in our home and it’s not the sun of Belgium.

I don’t know Paul if you’re aware of this or not but you gave peace and trust in the days of suspicion to me. Rationality can’t always explain everything. The phases and sufferings I’ve been through changed me. I know there is no answer for all. But today I believe in everything in this healing path. I was never that close of any healing heretofore. I thank you Paul with all my heart for guiding us in this journey.

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