The Healer who heals !

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"What is Hope without Faith ?"

My first steps

In my childhood I was by myself with the spiritual world. Back then I supposed all is normal and everyone lives like that. Before I started walking I’d had tangible experiences. Being suffocated, have my legs locked and not to be able to walk, and marks on my body. All of my nights were traumatic. As I often say, there is no victory without fight.

Travelling Through Spiritual Realms

Generally when we sleep we function unconsciously. We have no awareness that we dream. Just like watching a movie. Nothing we see is rational. But not in my case. Every night I travel through to the spiritual realm consciously. And I can interfere what I see. The power of soul makes me who I am. That’s the reason I can heal every living creature. Humanbeings, animals, men, women or trees, you name it. Being spiritual means to be connected and one with all livings.

A unique source of healing

The source of my knowledge doesn’t come from the earth. It comes from other realms. I hang out in other realms in every each healing session. No one and no book in this world have been my source.